10 ways to work MAC Fix+

There are three new scented MAC Fix+ (plusses?) in the permanent collection now. say hi to Rose, Lavender and Coconut ($26 each).
There are so lots of ways to use Fix+ (officially, MAC Prep + Prime Fix+) beyond the conventional makeup setting spray procedure.

I love Fix+ and use it daily to prep my skin, and I’m so into it that I even bring a tiny bottle with me when I travel.


MAC recently added three new Fix+ “flavors”…

OK, they aren’t really flavors. just different scents with the same Fix+ formula as the original, which is still my favorite, BTW (has a white floral/green tea scent). now there’s also Coconut, Lavender and Rose.

Spraying Coconut ? on my face ideal now…


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

Ah… I love it.

I don’t know if you’ve ever used Fix+ before, but if you haven’t, give it a try. It’s weirdly much better than water, and it doesn’t leave splotches. You can use it as a setting spray or as a moisturizing skin prep spray to wet your skin before doing your skin care, but those aren’t even half the things it’s good for.

Here are 10 a lot more ways to work MAC Fix+…

1. You can spray it on your hair!

Da, așa e. You can spray it on wet hair to loosen tight knots. Or, if you have naturally curly hair, spray it on your hair while it’s wet or dry to kick up your curls.

2. As a body moisturizer/refreshing body spray

You can also use Fix+ on your bod. store it in the fridge, then spray it all over your arms, torso and legs for a cool, light, refreshing layer of moisture.

3. Intensify your brows

For an intense brow look, load an angled brush with your favorite brow powder, and then spray it with Fix+. apply that directly to your brows and enjoy out!

4. Conversely, use Fix+ to mellow out an overly intense brow application

If you inadvertently apply too much brow pencil and make your brows too dark, dampen a spoolie with Fix+, and run it through your brows to take down the intensity a few notches.

When you’re trying to look cute while spraying Fix+ and are absolutely NOT successful, LOL!
5. transform a liquid lipstick into a cream eyeshadow

This one’s for the girls/guys who like to improvise (and if you’re a strictly by-the-books makeup person, then you might want to shy away from this one). You can transform a liquid lipstick into a cream eyeshadow by mixing in a little Fix+.

Swipe some lipstick on the back of your hand, then spray it with Fix+ and mix it into the lipstick. Then, apply that on your lids with your fingers or a brush.

6. Resurrect dry cream shadows or liners

Revive cream liners and shadows with a few spritzes of Fix+ sprayed directly into the pots. then mix with a brush and apply to your lids.

7. fake a flawless complexion with Fix+ and a beautyblender

To add another layer of moisture to your skin and to thin out your foundation or concealer ever so slightly, and thereby make blending much easier and your look even a lot more flawless (flawless-er?), dampen your favorite beautyblender with Fix+ before blending.

8. Erase makeup mistakes

Soak a Q-tip with Fix+ (I like the precision ideas with the pointy ends), and use it to right and clean up wonky eyeliner edges.

9. transform your foundation brush into an improv beautyblender

If you can’t keep a beautyblender alive for a lot more than five minutes because your cat/child/cat-child is forever stealing them, hiding them or destroying them, you can turn your favorite kabuki brush into an improv beautyblender.

Just douse the bristles (ideally, synthetic) with Fix+, and use the brush head to blend your foundation.

10. sheer out liquid face products


Embrace the no-makeup makeup look by spraying and blending Fix+ into your favorite tinted moisturizer, concealer or foundation to sheer them out.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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