Transition Eye shadow shades

When I finally understood the concept of a transition eye shadow, it upped my eye shadow blending game by tenfold.  A transition eye shadow shade is one that is usually matte and slightly darker than your natural skin tone – this helps to blend the lid colour into the brow area. many days now, I just pop on a shimmery neutral shade [taupe!] on the lid up to the crease, then I blend the edges with a transitional shade – something like this:

My blending skills are better than my photoshop skills.

It looks like I spent a lot of time with my eye look but in fact, it took less than 5 minutes. I’ve depotted some of my many used transition colours into a small z-palette so I can have a range to choose from each morning:

I would group my transition shades into neutral, warm and amazing categories. I’m around NC25 so these would be suitable for skin tones that are similar.


• urban Decay Eyeshadow in Naked
• Cargo Eye shadow single in Surrey
• Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadow in Justify
• Physicians formula Matte Collection Quad Eye shadow Canyon classics (upper left corner pan)
• MAC Eye shadow in Wedge

Sorry these swatches are a bit hard to see against my skin as they’re all just slightly darker than my skin tone – but that’s the whole point of transition colours.

These are my many reached for transition shades – they can be used with any eye shadow shade that I use on my lid. I especially like MAC Wedge for its buttery quality and ability to diffuse severe lines of my lid colour.


• theBalm meet Matt(e) nude eyeshadow in Matt Singh
• NYX nude Matte shadow Blame It on Midnight NMS08
• Smashbox Eye shadow in nude Pearl
• Mary Kay Mineral Eye color in Hazelnut

I’ve grown quite fond of the warmer transition shades lately – these help to cheer up deeper smoky eye looks. I also delight in wearing a amazing lid shade and warming it up with one of these shades.


• Milani Eye shadow single in Taup-e-ary
• urban Decay Eyeshadow in Laced
• Constance Carroll #58
• Maybelline ExperWear Eyeshadow single in Earthly Taupe

I reach for these less typically but they do are available in useful if I’m wearing a warmer lid shade (like MAC Woodwinked) which can in some cases make me look sickly. using a amazing transition shade can help to reduce the effects of the warmness on the lid.

Do you use transition eye shadow shades? What are your favourites?

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